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'The Third Date' contains some explicit material and is best enjoyed while wearing headphones.

"Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth."

- Albert Camus

Subtext is a fiction podcast that explores the inner worlds of people who are exploring unconventional forms of love, sexuality, and relationships. Each episode is told from a unique perspective: a woman who is addicted to porn and fears emotional intimacy, a non-binary couple reckoning with an unwanted pregnancy, a gay man embroiled in his husband’s infidelity, and more. 

In Subtext, to love is to embark on a mysterious, ever-evolving journey with yourself and others. There are no rules or happy endings, but there is always hope.

Subtext's 'The Third Date' was created by Yvonne Leow, with the help of Alex Dobrenko, Ashley Spillers, Alex Reeves, Stephanie Davidson, and many others.


The backstory

Subtext began as a personal journey. Yvonne Leow created the show to challenge modern-day norms around love, sexuality, and relationships. What would it mean if we could express our deepest fears, dreams, and fantasies? More importantly, why don't we?

Yvonne has spent the past decade excavating narratives as an editor, entrepreneur, and storyteller. She strives to find hidden perspectives, especially those we bury within our hearts and minds.